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Character designer
Makeup artist


About me

Hi! My name is Caroline mackey. I am a 22 year old Character Makeup design graduate, from Ireland. I am currently venturing into the world of  Stage and Screen. At the moment, I have just finished a 4 year degree in design for stage and screen at the Institute of art design and technology. 


 Art has been something I have been incredibly passionate about my whole life. I love trying new things and venturing down new paths. I follow where my creativity takes me. I love to learn and collaborate with other fellow creatives.  

I have had a love for film since I was very young. I especially love delving into the process of how characters in their worlds were created and how a story can come alive through makeup and prosthetics. Makeup for me has always had the ability to transport me into a different world, no matter the time or place.


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