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the island of dr. moreau

The island of Dr. Moreau is a science fiction novel by H.G wells, published in 1869. The classic work focuses on a mad scientists experiments involving vivisection to address such issues as evolution and ethics. The story takes the form of a manuscript accidently fund by the nephew of the protagonist, Edward Prendick. It begins with a shipwrecked prendick being rescued and taken aboard a vessel called ipecacuaha. 

There he meets Montgomery, a former medical student, and a "misshapen" man who moves with animal swiftness. He later encounters a variety of animals on board as well as the drunk captain Davies. They eventually come to a remote island, where Montgomery and the animals disembark. Davies refuses to allow prendick to stay on the boat, he is forced on a dinghy and set adrift.

However, prendick is saved by Montgomery and others, including a white haired man and several strange brutish looking fellows. Once on land, prendick spots odd creatures and is informed that the island is a sort of biological station. Later he learns that the white haired man is named Moreau. Prendick realizes that Dr. Moreau, a notorious vivisector who was forced to leave England some years earlier after his shocking experiments were publicized.

character design process

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Final Character makeups

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