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A fantasy Novel by British writer Mervyn Peake, the second in his Gormenghast series. it is a story of Titus Groan, 77th Earl of Groan and lord of Gormenghast castle, from age 7 to 17. As the story opens, Titus dreads the pre- ordained life of ritual that stretches before him. To Titus, Master of ritual Baroquentine and his apprentice Steer pike are the embodiment of all he wants to rebel against. 


In a world bound by iron laws and dead rituals, two young men who are struggling to make their way; Steer pike, the renegade kitchen- boy who seduces and murders his way up the social ladder, and Titus Groan , heir to Gormenghast, who comes up to threaten its very existence. John Constable famously 'pulled off the impossible' with his stage adaption of Mervyn Peake's legendary Gormenghast trilogy. Commissioned and produced by the David Glass ensemble, this gruesome, gothic drama has since become a landmark in the history of adaption for the stage. 

Character design process

Our Brief was to Design and breakdown all 12 characters in the play. As well as create physical makeup looks for 5 of our characters of choice. For my design approach I decided to draw a inspiration From the Baroque era for hair makeup and clothing. I primarily focused a lot on breakdown with all the characters, from weathering, ageing to injury. 

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