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Dark side

Dark side is a philosophical radio drama written by Tom Stoppard in 2013. It was based on the themes of Pink Floyds 1973 rock album The dark side of the moon. 

The drama follows a philosophy student Emily who slowly loses her mind in her quest to find the good in moral actions. The drama brings you through a series of events known as Emily's 'thought experiments'. By the end of the drama Emily goes through a procedure to 'fix' her. At the end she's able to put her thoughts into words but she is still seen as sick.

Final Mood box

Character design process

The brief for this project was to create a mood box in response to the RTE radio drama Dark side by Tom Stoppard based on what you felt as you listening. In conjunction to this mood box we were given the task to design the main Character from the play, Emily. I chose the word confusion and decided to put a modernised 90's grunge look to Emily. 

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