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SFX Makeup

Throughout my 4 years of my studies I have delved into the world of special FX makeup. I am constantly learning new techniques and processes to create believable and realistic injuries as well as creating fantasy characters with the use of prosthetics.


Focusing on Fresh and healed burns. A range of 1st, 2nd and 3rd degree burns can be seen in this collection.

I created these burns using alcohol paints over-layed with gelatine.


Cuts and scars

A collection of fresh and healed scars and cuts. I created these realistic scar with alcohol or greasepaints with scar wax over top to mimic skin.



A collection of quick and easy makeups to demonstrate fast skills such as tattoo covering, dirt breakdown and bruising stages.

Bike Accident

Our brief was to create a realistic bike accident makeup injury. I decided my bike accident was that I got knocked off my bike by a car. Focusing on cuts, grazes and glass incisions.


 Prosthetic Work

Throughout my 4 years of my studies I was able to delve into the wonderful world of prosthetic making and applying. We have learned prosthetic sculpting, plaster casting and mould making and flat plates. As well as applying and colouring premade prosthetics.

Jekyll and hyde

Our brief was to create a half face prosthetic piece using a flat plate sculpt. The silicone prosthetic could be of whatever creature/ monster we liked, I chose a zombie with an exposed brain. The other side of the face had to be from the Victorian period which would be created by laying down hair to create a moustache and sideburns. 


process of flat plate

The Island of Dr. Moreau


Our brief was to create a Half animal hybrid creature, half human creature. I demonstrated the applying of pre made prosthetics for injuries as well and making large scale half face prosthetics. I created a half pig half human prosthetic.

process of prosthetic

lady purple

Our brief was to create anything our hearts desired. I chose to create a human marionette doll. I made a prosthetic nose to change the humans features to be more doll like as well as creating flat plates to show character transformation.


process of prosthetics

Animal nose

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