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Krapps Last Tape

Krapps last tape is a one- act, One man play by the writer Samuel Beckett. First performed in 1958. Krapp is elderly and emotionally depressed. It is his 69th birthday. To mark the occasion, Krapp listens to a tape he made on his 39th birthday to record important events and thoughts of the past year. 


Character Design Process

I decided to stick to Samuel Becketts costume and character descriptions given the script. when designing the costumes i stayed in the eras of 1930's and 1950's. I then put my own twist to it. After reading and listening to the play, I thought what if he was gay? I felt he pushed all these women away and cut off relationships too soon because he was closeted, And at the end of the play he was regretful because he wasn't his true self. Now he's all alone because of this. 

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