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Film and TV Work

'One More'

During November 2022 I had the opportunity to be makeup artist for a short film titled 'one more' written and directed by  Colin Patrick from No filters productions. One more recently aired on Virgin media in May 2023 under their Sharp shorts category. This story follows two singletons unlucky with love.

'With Love from Aidan'

Sarah has fallen out with her two scientist parents, for introducing an AI named Aidan into their family. As part of her parents experiment to see if living with a real family would result in true self awareness. Aiden fails to become fully sentient. 

the Two professors decide to keep him with the family and continue researching regardless, much to Sarah's dismay.

Aidan has been programmed to love his sister and he will do anything for her, he studies her for years and finally comes to a realisation as to what he needs to do to really make her happy and makeup for the trauma the experiment has caused her all these years.

so he has a surprise gift for her on this, her 23rd birthday.

'Crab Legs'

Natural Tv Hair and makeup done on the host, Jim and date Olivia for a short Tv drama set in a hotel Lobby filmed in the National film school in IADT Dun Laoghaire in January 2023.

'An Evening School'

Written by Oisin Mckeogh an evening school was a recreation of a 16th Century painting of a handful of peasants. I had the task of doing dirt breakdown on these peasants.

'Blast from the past'

During May 2022 I had the amazing opportunity of assisting the wonderful wigs, hair and makeup team T-Elliott, Bairbaire Ni bhroin and Wai- Har Healy, on 'Blast from the past' season 2. For 3 days 2 of my fellow college friends and I were taken under the wing of our 3 mentors and were given the opportunity to do hair and makeup of some of the characters from the tv show.

Blast from the past features Emily Blast, an ordinary teenager with an extra ordinary ability to time jump through Irish history to return important missing items to their correct place and time.

Hot chip cookies advert

Old age Makeup and natural film male makeup for the brand Hot Chip Dublin's online Christmas advert December 2022. When an Elf Steals hot chips beloved cookie dough left right and centre sometimes its up to regular citizens to step in and save the day.


During November 2022 I was taken on board of the short film Influenca as makeup artist. Influenca follows the relationship between Sadie played by Anna Winifred and Cat played by Biaina Ryan The story follows Cat a washed up Influener seeking revenge on her old friend Sadie. In the mist of becoming friends again Cat has an ulterior motive to cancel Sadie as sabotage for not speaking to her for months. Although Sadie is quicker then she looks and puts two and two together to figure out Cats plan to ruin her. Sadie gets her own lethal revenge in the end and uses it for views. 

'The Tower'

I had the amazing opportunity to work as a part of the makeup crew, along side Natalie Kinsella, Klaudia Rapala and Saoirse Whealen for Jesse Jone's commission 'The tower'. The Tower is a part of The Magdalene series, curated by Maoliosa Boyle at Rua Red. Featuring Olwen Fouere and with an amazing production team, including costumes by Roisin Gartland and choreography by Junk Ensemble.

The film aims to Question: Who came before the witches? 

'My Angel, Flung out of space'

I Had the opportunity to work as the makeup artist on a short film 'My angel, flung out of space'. This project was in collaboration with 3rd year National film students at IADT Dun Laoghaire. Written by Ian Fallon and directed by Thomas Purdy. A story of love and loss between two lovers.

'What the tide brought in'

Had the pleasure of working as Key makeup artist for a short film called 'what the tide brought in'. This project was in collaboration with a team of 3rd year film students from the National film school in IADT Dun Laoghaire. Filming took place on Howe strand beach Co. Cork. Produced and directed by Reuben Harvey and Megan o' Shaughnessy.

When an arranged drug deal goes array, Henry must spend several days on an uninhabited island, surviving solely on washed up fish. With each new tide comes a new fish, but as the days go by henry's mind grows steadily more and more uneasy, the fish become stranger and stranger until finally they're barely recognisable as fish at all. After a terrible encounter with two grotesque sea creatures Henry attempts to escape the island, but finding his path blocked is forced to await the return of the creatures which are beginning to closely resemble him. 

'Where the shoe pinches'

In my 2nd year of my studies at IADT I am had the opportunity to work as the makeup artist for a short film called 'where the shoe pinches'. This was in collaboration with 4th year National film students at IADT Dun laoghaire. This film was written and directed by Jack Fahey. Set in the Wicklow Mountains, it is a story of a young boy (Joe) and his mother, they set out to search the bog and what they find is not what you may think...

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