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The rise and fall of the city of Mahagonny

Rise and fall of the city of Mahagonny is a political- satirical oprea composed by Kurt Weill to a german libretto by Bertolt brecht. Big cities where men lead boring purposeless lives, Fatty and Moses spread the gospel of Mahagonny, city of gold, among the disillusioned. Four Alaskan Lumberjacks who have shared hard times together in the timberlands and made their fortunes set off together for Mahgonny. 

Scene 2


Character design process

Our brief was to chose any scene from the play and design each of the characters that were featured, as well as the 3 main Fugitives. I chose Scene 2, when Jenny and the girls arrive at Mahagonny. I decided to keep my designs accurate to the late 1920's when the opera was originally set. My main idea was to have my designs influenced by the artist Gorge Grosz. I also decided that i wanted to have all the girls as different ethnicities to offer inclusivity.

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